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We’re in this together, Red.”

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TVD 4x07 Episode Reactions

So, I don’t have a Klaroline or TVD tumblr, but I’ve decided to gif-share my thoughts and feelings about 4x07 episode with the world (kind of getting tired of fangirling to myself). First time I’m doing this…please bear it with me. :)

Keeping it short….KLAROLINE!!!!! My sweet, lovely hummingbirds!! They’re the only reason why I keep watching the show and finally it’s real!! Everything is Klaroline and nothing hurts!! I’m so happy and having so many feelings right now that I just can’t find the right words to describe it… !!

After the perfection that was 4x07 Klaroline I just want to re-watch their scenes over and over again. Can it be true!!!??? Is it really happening? They were so “human” with each other. What I loved most of all was that there’s a real connection going on there. Caroline wasn’t pretending and neither was Klaus. They were talking and connecting and really getting to know each other. They’re building their relationship instead of jumping to hot hybrid sex. At this moment, that’s a million times better than any kiss scene between them (that’s my opinion at least).

As for the rest of the episode…

Hunter Jeremy is an interesting twist. Waiting to see where they’re taking it. 

What’s up with Hayley and Professor Shane??

Is it possible that he ends up being that Silas he was talking about on the witch exhibit? 

And then we have Elena and her sire bond…Seriously, I’m so tired of her whining and crying and indecisiveness! This sire bond thing will only make it worst.

I don’t like Damon, but lets be fair…the man deserves a break! How many times can he handle his heart being broken? Because that’s going to happen when he finds out why Elena suddenly realizes that he is the one she loves. Stefan doesn’t deserve this either. And Stelena and Delena fandoms feelings are being tortured and slaughtered!! Have mercy Julie Plec!! We’re only human here!!

And now, to all the beautiful and wonderful Klaroliners… Thank you for this amazing fandom!! You’re posts, gifs, manips and fics make my day! :)

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4x07 My Brother’s Keeper

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I never answered your question, if I’d ever thought about being human.

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Brave is a very emotional movie for Clint  


Brave is a very emotional movie for Clint